MELBOURNE (Web Desk) – A Melbourne man blamed of posing as a gynecologist faces more than 80 charges, including 28 counts of rape.

He is said to have offered medical services, including fertility treatments, without a license for over ten years.

Italy born Raffaele di Paolo, 59, appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday, on charges which extent from July 2004 to May 2015, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reports.

Those charges, which involve an unknown number of women, include eight related to posing as registered health practitioner, 28 counts of rape and 27 counts of procuring a woman to take part in an act of sexual penetration by falsely claiming to be a registered medical practitioner.

He faces a further 21 counts of obtaining money through deception, by accepting payment for medical treatment he was not qualified to provide. Those payments are believed to total approximately US$224,896.

He is also charged with one count of administering fertility medication without being properly qualified and placing a person in danger of serious injury.

In addition to those charges, the court heard on Friday that there are more complainants and that more charges could be laid.