KARACHI – A car in Karachi has gained instant notoriety for reportedly chasing and harassing cars that carry women and making attempts at abducting them for rape.

Karachittes are turning to Facebook and other social media sites to share their own first-hand frightening experiences with the car that constantly chases women and sexually harass them.

One of the victims said “These idiots kept following us from Johar town to Karachi university, there were 5 boys in it… if this car belongs to your house then please apne betay/bhai ko thori gherat dilaaaye.

“This is the third incident I have heard of in 4 days. Lately, there have been such cases happening where boys follow vehicles (even rickshaws) with girls sitting inside on this route (Millennium to Johar) Be watchful ladies. They are not just harassing but trying to kidnap for rape. At least this is what I have heard from many girls,” reported another girl.

Sharing her horrific experience of harassment, one woman said the car started chasing her from Zamzama to bath island. “i ended up getting rid of him by giving a false indicator and changed my route. My husband advised me to report it to police the next time it happens.”

The white Alto which bears BHB-145 on its number plate has been roaming  and harassing openly and has managed to do away with it un-scot and unreported.