AL-AHSA, Saudi Arabia (Web Desk) – A Saudi man may have to face jail-time and lashes after a resident the Al-Hofouf municipality complained against him to the municipal authorities for keeping noisy hens and roosters in his home.

According to an Arab News report, the complainant urged the municipality to take action against the accused’s noisy hens and roosters who were a source of disturbance to him and other residents of the usually calm and serene locality.

The municipality unsuccessfully tried to settle the issue amicably with the owner of the chickens; however, when he refused to comply they decided to register a case against him.

Advocate Mishal Al-Askar was quoted as saying that issues like these are governed by the Shariah and royal decrees. In such cases, he said, offenders could face jail, lashes or fines.

Al-Askar said the rules of the municipality did not allow owners to keep animals inside houses or in residential areas.

He also said that a house is the place for comfort and rest.

The complainant filed his complaint with municipal authorities under the clause of causing discomfort and disturbance.