MUMBAI (Web Desk) – A man from Kozhikode believes to be pregnant after engaging in homosexual acts.

According to Indian media, 52-year-old man was taken to hospital after nauseating for weeks and claiming he was pregnant.

The man, a postgraduate, wasn’t convinced when repeatedly told men cannot get pregnant because he insisting he could feel fetus moving inside of him. His admission to having homosexual relations added to his belief of being pregnant.

Citing abnormal sensations and sickness, the man also avoided labour-intensive work and insisted to have rest to avoid ‘miscarriage’.

After being taken to hospital, a team of doctors headed by Dr P N Suresh Kumar conducted various tests and examinations to investigate what was going on.

Following the tests, the doctors ruled the patient was nursing a delusion which was a rare phenomenon and is not the same as the one called ‘hysterical pregnancy’ among the women.

The doctors recommended psychological therapy and following a few sessions, the man claims he is changed and doesn’t engage in homosexual activities anymore.