IRAN (Web Desk) – An Iranian soccer player  who uploaded pictures in which he wore yellow “SpongeBob pants”  has been slapped with a 6-month ban from playing in Iran’s national team.

Sosha Makani, a former goalkeeper for Iran’s Persepolis Football Club, was seen in tight yellow dotted chinos in his picture.

The Iranian media quickly drew a comparison to the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon character.

The Iranian football federation’s morality committee cited Makani’s clothing as “inappropriate” and the reason for his suspension. Makani reserves the right to appeal the temporary decision.

This is not the first time that the 29-year-old Makani has landed in trouble due to his social media activity. In January, he posted photographs of himself with some women, leading to a brief stint behind bars.

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Iranian cyber crime laws prevent anyone from posting photos of oneself or others without permission. However, an Iranian legal expert has defended the soccer player, saying that his account could have been hacked.

An increasing number of Irani nationals have landed in trouble due to their online presence. Just a few weeks ago, hard-liners lamented  a famous Iranian actress, after images of her appeared to show a feminist tattoo on her arm.

Earlier this month, a group of Irani models was prosecuted by the government for posting pictures online in which they were not wearing headscarves.

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