DUBAI (Web Desk) – A 44-year old Pakistani driver allegedly groped a nine-year old girl while she was with her mother at the ticket stand to enter the aquarium in Dubai Mall, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The man spotted the little girl with her mother and decided to stand behind them.

When the girl felt that he was groping her lower back, she reported to her mother. The accused was caught and taken to the police, the Emirates247 reported on Monday.

The driver admitted before the police that he had groped the girl and tried to molest her.

However, he denied the accusation before prosecutors and claimed that his confession was taken under pressure.

The policeman testified that the driver had willingly and without any pressure made his confession.

Police supplied the prosecution with CCTV recording that showed the accused standing behind the little girl and sticking his body into hers.

The court will give its verdict on November 8.