LAHORE (Web Desk) – American newspaper The Washington Post has called Pakistani singer Taher Shah ‘a bizarre Youtube hero’ after his latest single “Angel” broke internet within hours after release. His name remained top trending topic on Twitter and social media networks are still abuzz with talks about his song.

Several Pakistani TV channels invited him for interview as well and most of the people are still critical towards the song. But their criticism has certainly failed to overcome the passion of Taher Shah who thinks “all kind of criticism should be taken positively.”

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Moreover, he is all jubilant over his second ‘success’ after breaking all the records for first song “Eye to eye”.

“Love for humanity is the only message in my songs,” he said told a Pakistani TV channel.

When asked about the woman and child who featured with him in “Angel” video, Taher Shah said that it was a surprise for his fans. “The boy in the video is my son,” he added.

Commenting about the woman, he avoided a clear answer while hinted that she was also from his own family. But we can assume she’s the queen of Taher Shah’s heart, his wife.

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