DOHA – Helping people who are less fortunate than themselves is almost second nature to many Qataris and here is another shining example for it.

For over 40 years, Sheikh Ghanem al Thani’s charity buttermilk tap is still running at his mansion. The tap offering fresh buttermilk as well as cold water was installed at the mansion of Sheikh Ghanem bin Ali al Thani just opposite Radisson Blu hotel (Ramada).










The facility, which has been in operation for 40 years, serves people who are in need and has not gone dry once in 40 years, acoording to Qatar Tribune.

The buttermilk tap is available from 7:30 am until 3 pm.

Sheikh Ghanem, who owns the Almaha dairy, also distributes butter and other dairy products for free to the public during Ramadan.

Around 2,000 litres of milk is brought in to the mansion at dawn every day for preparing buttermilk. The buttermilk tank then is filled up to be ready for the public.

The buttermilk tap also helps in quenching the thirst, especially in summer, of passersby or anyone who can’t afford it.