SHANGHAI – A university student in China brutally kicked and beat his female classmate after she challenged his opinion in class.

The incident took place on the campus of the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education on January 2.

The shocking footage shows the moment the female graduate student was slapped to the floor by her classmate who then kicks her, aiming at her head.

Both students are classmates and had just finished a class when the incident occurred at around 16.45pm.

According to reports, the female graduate student had challenged the male student’s opinion in class.

In the horrifying video, the man can be seen knocking the woman to the ground. As she tries to get up, he kicks her over and again.

The university reportedly issued a statement on social media site Weibo. It said that a teacher accompanied the girl to hospital for a comprehensive inspection. The administration has also spoken with the male student and said he will be dealt with in accordance with school rules and regulations.