NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – Several parts of neighboring India have been reeling under an intense heat wave, with temperatures soaring several notches above the season’s average. The meteorological department has predicted that the searing conditions will continue for the next few days.

Among the most affected Indian states is Gujarat, where it is so hot that the tar on a road in Gujarat’s Valsad area is liquefying.

Shocking footage has emerged on social media, showing pedestrians losing their balance as their shoes and slippers remained stuck in the boiling tar.

Some puzzled pedestrians struggled to reclaim their footwear, while others retreated altogether.

A woman even slipped off and stuck to the tar seconds before a speeding truck passed by. The temperature in Valsad was recorded at 36 degrees Celsius on Sunday. It stands at 31 degrees today.

Even though MET officials have predicted that the temperature in parts of Gujarat may drop a few notches, the unbearable heat wave will still persist.

According to Indian officials, the heat wave will continue despite a drop in temperature at many places over Vidarbha, a few places over Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, and in isolated places in Gujarat.

Delhi continued to face a heat wave at around 41.6 degrees Celsius yesterday, even as various factors led to a dip in maximum temperatures from two to five degrees in different states, the NDTV reported.

Churu and Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan were the hottest places in the country at 49.2 degrees, even as the temperature there dropped by two to five degrees on Saturday. In Delhi, Palam remained the hottest area at 44.2 degrees.