There are weird things that really exist in our world, even if they sound extremely freaky or abnormal.

One such example can be spotted in Sweden’s Flogsta neighbourhood where if you scream out from a window at night, you will hear back ‘collective screams’, creating a freaky atmosphere for the outsiders or those who are unaware of this ‘youthful’ phenomenon called ‘Flogsta scream’.

Hearing your scream, the residents of the neighbourhood will respond back to you in a similar or more exhilarating manner creating a cycle of reciprocal screams.

Watch for yourself!

Students in the Flogsta neighbourhood of Uppsala, Sweden started this practice in the 1970s. The students simply started sticking their heads out the window at 10PM every night to scream into the darkness. Some reports say it began as a stress reliever during exam times, others say it was in honour of a student who committed suicide.