WASHINGTON (News Desk) – The Central Intelligence Agency chief John Brennan has said that last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris, which left around 130 people dead, were a failure of intelligence.

In an interview with CBD News, Brenon went on to say that all of the eight attackers were French nationals trained by ISIS in Syria, they returned France unchecked and killed people at six different location in the capital city.

In November, when the Paris attacks took place, we were receiving red signal and we knew ISIS was going to do something but we failed to foil it, he added.

To a question he said that many activities of Islamic State militant group were hidden from United States and the group could possibly be planning to attack America.

He conceded that a terrorist attack on United States was inevitable, adding “I don’t think their successes necessarily are sure.”

During the interview he also accepted that Islamic State was using sophisticated technologies to operate and reach its followers around the globe.