WASHINGTON (News Desk) – Former US Secretary of State and 2016 presidential poll Democrat aspirant Hillary Clinton Sunday called Republican front-runner Donald Trump ‘best recruiter of ISIS,’ while commenting on the latter’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims entry to United States.

Speaking at Democratic Presidential Debate, Clinton went on to say that American Muslim community was the first line of defence against Islamic State militant group and Trumps anti-Muslim rhetoric can push US lose their support. The statements from Republicans specially Mr Donal Trump are sending a negative message to Muslims as if there is a clash of civilisations, she said.

She further added that redicalised fighters and proponents of ISIL would be using the videos of Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim statements to recruit more people in their army.

“Such statements can only fan the flames of redicalisation by framing a question if there was a war against Islam,” she stated.

Hillary Clinton said that it was not in the interest of United States to react to the acts of terrorism with such presentation of fear instead they should back Muslims drawing a line between them and redicalised fighters.