NEW YORK – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who just lost a fierce tussle against Republican’s Donald Trump conceded the unexpected defeat here on Wednesday.

The former secretary of states made a telephone call to the newly elected president Donald Trump minutes after she sent her campaign chairman to her supporters’ party to say: ‘It’s not over.’

The sobbing crowd at Manhattan’s Javits Center was told by Hillary’s manager John Podesta that the 68-year-old lady would not emerge until the morning and until ‘every vote is counted’.

John who has been handling the campaign of Hillary spoke briefly after the vote count and sought support of Americans amid news of Trump’s victory.

‘We are so proud of you. And we are so proud of her. She has done an amazing job, and she is not done yet!’ he shouted. ‘So thank you for being with her, she has always been with you’ he said.

On the other hand, the elated Donald Trump admitted that Hillary gave a tough time to him during the presidential show down.

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