NEW DELHI – A 24-year old Muslim housewife, Maya Begum, was shot dead by a trooper belonging to the Border Security Forces (BSF) of India when she screamed for help after the BSF trooper tried to rape her near Sonunamura’s Bangladesh border of Tripura on Friday.

The culprit entered her house when all male member were in the mosque offering Friday prayers. The victim was bathing at the time when the trooper attempted to force himself on her upon. After she tried to raise an alarm, she was shot on the spot.

The incident happened just 6 days after the infamous case of the girl from Bhiwani, who was gang-raped for the second time by the same men.

India is one of the leading countries in terms of rape, molestation and eve-teasing (euphemism for sexually-colored remarks, street harassment etc). In 2015 alone 5,192 cases of molestation, 2,095 cases of rape and 1,444 cases of eve-teasing were reported.

However, experts believe that the actual number is a lot higher as not everyone reports these shameful acts.