NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – Following the return of Indian woman Geeta, who remained stuck in Pakistan for 15 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to reopen the file of a 15-year-old Pakistani boy Ramzan to send him back home as a return gift to Pakistan for Geeta.

According to Indian media reports, the Prime Minister’s Office has confirmed that Narendra Modi sent a letter to President’s Office to begin an initiative to send home Ramzan in a bid to thank Pakistan for returning Geeta.

Ramzan, who crossed border into India in 2011 from Bangladesh, traveled to several Indian states before he was held by Indian Railway Police in Bopal in September 2013.

Upon interrogation Ramzan told policemen that he was a Pakistani and his father took him away from his mother to remarry in Bangladesh. After being tortured by his stepmother Ramzan crossed into India in a bid to return to his mother in Karachi. But he never succeeded for not having his travel documents.

Since then Ramzan has been residing in Childline Bopal chapter, where director  Archana Sahay tried helping him but to no avail.

Indian ministry of external affairs (MEA) had given up on Ramzan’s case. In an official communication with Childline, MEA has said that his is a “closed file” with no documentary evidence to prove his Pakistani citizenship.

Meanwhile media reports also suggested that Ramzan’s mother, Razia Begum, after learning that her son is in India, contacted Pakistan human rights activist Ansar Burney with a request for his release and return.

She also uploaded a video appealing to the Indian government to send her son home. Burney had mailed a copy of the passports of Ramzan’s grandparents to the Indian embassy and Childline for help.