NEW DELHI – The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India has filed a police complaint against 34 pilots of four airlines for “making obscene remarks” against its top officials on social media.

The pilots are from Jet Airways, Spicejet, GoAir and Indigo.

The DGCA has reportedly also submitted screenshots of WhatsApp conversations in which the pilots allegedly used bad language while attacking the regulator over the de-rostering of some of their colleagues.

The chats were allegedly leaked to the director. Sources describe some of the texts as “highly objectionable” as they even target family members.

The pilots were asked to come to Delhi for the questioning.

According to Indian media, their troubles escalated when the DGCA’s Joint Director General reportedly took offence at not being addressed with the correct designation in a letter they had written to him.

The enraged DGCA officer, say sources, immediately grounded the pilots and asked the airline to check their “mental alertness”, saying “they could not even quote a designation properly”.