NEW DELHI – India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Saturday underwent a kidney transplant at a Delhi hospital, with the organ being harvested from a living unrelated donor.

The nearly five-hour-long surgery was conducted at the cardio-thoracic centre by a team of doctors of All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS), according to reports in Indian media.

Earlier this year she was also admitted to AIIMS in April for treatment of pneumonia and other health issues.

According to doctors, 64-year-old Swaraj has been suffering from diabetes for quite a long time. After the kidney failure diagnosis, she was put on maintenance dialysis.

Doctors used a living, unrelated donor in the case as no suitable donor was available in the immediate family.

On November 16, Ms. Swaraj had tweeted that she was in AIIMS because of kidney failure.

“I am in AIIMS because of kidney failure. Presently, I am on dialysis. I am undergoing tests for a kidney transplant. Lord Krishna will bless,” Ms. Swaraj had tweeted.