JEDDAH – A recent report by the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry has revealed that the  bomber who hit near the US Consulate in Jeddah was an Indian national, and not a Pakistani as had been previously reported.

Earlier, the suicide bomber was identified as Gulzar Hussain, a Pakistani who had been staying in Saudi Arabia for the last 12 years.

However, the latest report has revealed that the bomber was one Fayyaz Kaghazi from the Indian state Maharashtra.

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Suicide bombers hit three Saudi cities on Monday in a seemingly coordinated series of attacks that targeted US diplomats in Jeddah and Shia Muslim worshipers in Qatif, jolting the kingdom as people prepared to break their fast on the penultimate day of the holy month of Ramazan.

19 people, including 12 Pakistani nationals and seven Saudis, have been arrested in Saudi Arabia in connection with the attacks.