No one came to the victim’s rescue


Dubai- Dubai court charged a Pakistani 29 year old worker for sexually assaulting an Indian man who was under the influence of alcohol.

Things didn’t turn out well for the victim even as he was referred to the misdemeanors court and was charged for consuming alcohol without a license.

The incident took place in November 2017 when the Pakistani worker saw the drunk victim and took advantage of the situation by taking him to his accommodation where he sexually assaulted him.

The victim told the prosecutor no one came to his rescue as he explained the night of this horrific event. He told how he was walking down to his labor accommodation in the industrial area located in Jebel Ali.

“I was drunk and was walking when the accused stop me and offered to walk me to my accommodation. I agreed but then he took me to a labor accommodation that I didn’t know. There he forced me inside a room and sexually assaulted me after closing the door.”

The victim told the prosecutor how he screamed for help but none of the other workers living in the building came to his rescue. He managed to escape after asking the man to let him use the toilet, he fled the place going to the supervisor who called and reported this incident to the authorities.

The victim is now set to face charges for alcohol consumption without a license.