DAMASCUS – A 37-year-old Syrian man bit his nine-month-old daughter, Dalal, to death, authorities said on Saturday.

The incident took place in the Jaramana area of Damascus on April 24.

The father of the girl disliked daughters and considered them a shame for the family, Al Arabiya, .

On the fateful day, the mother sensed that her daughter was in imminent danger in the arms of her father. She went to her neighbour’s house to seek help and went back to find her child’s bruised dead body, the report states.

The baby was admitted to the hospital but succumbed to the brutal bites of her father.

The case is currently being investigated by the concerned authorities and the parents of the child have been taken into custody.

The incident has been widely criticised by the Syrian community with some saying, “Those who do not die by bullets die of madness!”