JEDDAH (Web Desk) – A United States (US) daily newspaper on Wednesday published a feature about Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and praised the character of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

The newspaper praised Deputy Crown’s strong leadership and impressive Vision 2030, as a means of transforming KSA’s economy into a global producer of non-oil energy.

According to the report by Tim Maverick, a promising future awaits the Saudi economy despite global economic crises, while the ambitions of the deputy crown prince would help realize Vision 2030, and lighten the kingdom’s traditional economic dependence on fossil-fuel energy.

The article went on to say that differences in political views between Saudi Arabia and the United States would not affect the Kingdom’s pursuit of implementing its ambitious program to abandon oil and generate other forms of energy.

Prince Mohammed’s Vision 2030 also requires downsizing the ranks  of the bureaucracy which may impede the progress of mega-projects, in turn enhancing the Kingdom’s ability to become a global hub for energy by 2030.

The report believes that the country’s $700 billion worth of foreign exchange reserves and “inadvertent” assistance from the world’s central bankers will be more than enough funding to accomplish the task.