WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – Surprisingly, the primary polls in Indiana proven to be pretty decisive in the nomination race for US Presidential Election 2016, as Republican contestant Ted Cruz announced to end his presidential campaign, making the Republican nomination obvious for Donald Trump.

According to US media, Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump of Republican Party won Indiana primary with clear margin.


Trump got 53% votes (51 delegates out of total 57) while Sanders bagged 52% votes (43 delegates out of total 92).


Despite the victory in Indiana, it looks certainly impossible for Bernie Sanders to halt the journey of Hillary Clinton, who is just few delegations short of achieving the target of required delegates to become Democrat presidential nominee.


On Tuesday night, Ted Cruz said that he gave everything he had got to stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee, while announcing his decision to drop out.

On the other hand, John Kasich -the only Republican contestant who stands in the way of Donald Trump now- has issued fresh funding requests to public saying that he is now the only person who can stop Trump from becoming the president of United States.