WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – As the US presidential nomination campaign is heading towards decisive caucuses, Democratic contestant Bernie Sanders has won another state, Wyoming, registering seventh consecutive victory over the forerunner Hillary Clinton.

According to the Wyoming primary results, Sanders got 55.7% of the votes against Clinton’s 44.3%. However each candidate bagged seven delegates.

Following the Saturday polls, Hillary Clinton now stands at overall 1,304 pledged delegates as compared to Bernie Sanders who has 1,075 delegates. A candidate must win 2,383 delegates to earn party’s nomination for forthcoming presidential polls.

Sanders victory comes a week ahead of crucial primary polls in New York, which adopted home of Hillary Clinton and birthplace of Bernie Sanders, on April 19. The state carries 247 delegates.

Observers say that Hillary holds clear support in New York, however the recent series of small victories will keep Sanders’ campaign galvanising and any surprising result from New York can cause serious dent to her nomination campaign.