ASUNCION – Protestors in Paraguay have set ablaze the country’s Congress amid violent protests against a bill that would let the president seek re-election, reported BBC news.

A secret Senate vote to approve a bill that would allow President Horacio Cartes to take part in elections for another term makes the people angry who stormed the congress, breaking windows and fences.

The country’s 1992 constitution, introduced after 35 years of dictatorship, strictly bars the president to take part in election for another five-year term.

The AFP news agency said protesters “ransacked” the offices of those who supported the bill.

Police used water canons and rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

The president called for calm and a rejection of violence in a statement released on Twitter.

“Democracy is not conquered or defended with violence and you can be sure this government will continue to put its best effort into maintaining order in the republic,” Cartes said.