Head lice being sold in Dubai for a weird reason you have never heard of, people pay crazy prices

05:34 PM | 1 Sep, 2016
Head lice being sold in Dubai for a weird reason you have never heard of, people pay crazy prices
DUBAI - There are no shortcuts to growing luscious, long locks. On average, hair grows about a half an inch per month. Your general health, well-being, and genetic factors affect your rate of hair growth.

A good diet and proper hair care can also help encourage hair growth, but you’d certainly not like the idea of giving your head a LICE-treatment.

Yeah, head lice. Reports say women are buying lice from UAE beauty salons believing that lice help treat hair loss and make hair thicker.


Some women’s hair salons in Dubai have reportedly started growing lice by collecting damaged hair and subjecting it to high temperature. Some women said the price of one louse is Dh14, a report in Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm stated.

But now the Dubai Municipality has warned beauty and hair salons against selling lice which are being strongly marketed under the pretext of it being good for hair lengthening.

A fine of $544 is issued for salons that sell head lice, and it is subject to increase if the salon insists on repeating this act.

The report quoted Hafez Ghalloum, head of the Health Control Section at Dubai Municipality, as saying the use of lice on hair is unhealthy and a harmful practice.

“We aim through inspections to see that no negative or harmful practices are committed by hair salons and beauty centres,” he added.

Beauty salons have developed the practice of raising head lice with the help of the hair that gets cut off from their customers. They put the lice in boxes and sell them to women - who are increasing by the day as they believe that this method could actually grow their hair longer. A single lice could make up to $3.80.


Ghalloum said they are wondering how these salons grow lice that cause scalp damage and dangerous skin diseases. People usually go to salons seeking treatment to get rid of lice, not to buy it.

Dermatologists have also warned women from buying it as having these blood-sucking small, wingless insects wander in one’s hair could cause a great deal of misery, such as skin diseases that couldn’t be recovered from on the short run.