Nadia Khan and Meera just had a fight on national TV

02:39 PM | 2 Feb, 2019
Nadia Khan and Meera just had a fight on national TV

LAHORE - Nadia Khan and Meera already fought it off in 2015 when Meera allegedly beat up the crew and host on Nadia's show.

The two actresses came under the same roof yet again but it didn’t go well this time as well.

The two ladies fought again over the way Nadia introduced Meera on the show.

Meera left the set the show after allegedly beating the crew and the host of the show and causing them physical injuries yet she was once again under the same roof as Nadia and yet again managed to pull off an argument.

Nadia said in the promo of this episode that after the 2015 incident, she would never call this “personality” on her show ever again. Nadia then questioned Meera’s persona, saying “itni bholi hai ya banti hai?”

She added, "kuch bhi hosakta hai, woh kuch bhi kesakti hai.”

Meere asked Nadia to take back her “compliment” about being “unpredictable” to which Nadia said that it wasn’t even a bad word.

Well, we wonder if this was a gimmick to promote Nadia's show or if it was the reality. What do you think?