PM Imran explains reasons behind new NAB laws

06:21 PM | 2 Jan, 2020
PM Imran explains reasons behind new NAB laws

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday revealed factors that pushed the government to amend the NAB rules, terming it essential to expedite the decision-making process at the level of bureacracy.

"Bringing new NAB Ordinance was a tough decision but it was taken to end fear among bureaucrats and issues of the business community," the premier was addressing the civil servants in Islamabad. 

The bureaucrats of the country were not taking major decisions as they were afraid of being nabbed by the anti-graft watchdog, he said.

He added that procedural loopholes were plugged in the NAB rules through the latest amendments in order to end the fear of the civil servants. 

The changes in the NAB laws have nothing to do with businesspersons unless they are involved in a case related to government departments, he said, adding that the business community did not come within the purview of the graft buster body.

He said that the NAB should not intervene in business dealings. 

"Those who are criticising the government decision should give a read to the NAB Ordinance," he said.