In the war on ISIS, Bollywood songs are being used by UK troops as a psychological weapon

02:59 PM | 2 Jun, 2016
In the war on ISIS, Bollywood songs are being used by UK troops as a psychological weapon

LONDON (Web Desk) - British special forces are using Bollywood music as a weapon of psychological warfare against Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in Libya.

British media on Thursday claimed the move was based on the advice of a Pakistani-born intelligence officer.

According to a report in the Daily Mirror, the troops came up with the idea after a Pakistani-born intelligence officer working with the British Army had suggested that Bollywood tunes would annoy the IS terrorists because they consider music un-Islamic.

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"We needed to unnerve militants and at the same time use some sort of passive measure to gauge their force strength in the area we are working and it went well," a source told the Daily Mirror.

Indian songs will be seen as a huge insult by the terror outfit, the newspaper reported.

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Under the banner of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), British forces are training Libyan troops on how to drive ISIS from a 185-km stretch of the Libyan coastline, including the town of Sirte.

The psychological operations unit intercepted ISIS communications and blasted them with Bollywood chart music, allowing them to gauge the militants' positions and force strength after listening in on their complaints to each other on radio.

British and Libyan soldiers also dumped two cars with Bollywood music blaring out near Sirte.

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It is believed that ISIS, which has held large swathes of coastal Sirte for 20 months, has around 4,000 insurgents in the region.