Shahroz Sabzwari responds to backlash regarding his second marriage with Sadaf Kanwal

01:06 PM | 2 Jun, 2020
Shahroz Sabzwari responds to backlash regarding his second marriage with Sadaf Kanwal

Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal got hitched in an intimate nikkah ceremony recently.

Ever since the two announced their Nikkah through a set of photos, it’s been a complete gossip fest on social media

The pictures of the ceremony spread like wildfire and netizens many were quick to bash the newlyweds for allegedly confirming their ‘rumoured’ affair.

People thought that their alleged affair is the reason for separation and ultimately divorce between Shahroz and first wife, Syra Yousuf.

Shahroz Sabzwari, infuriated by the massive backlash to the announcement, has finally addressed his divorce drama once again in an attempt to protect his family’s ‘reputation.’

Sharing the video on Instagram, Shahroz started off by saying, “The only reason I am recording this video is to defend my family and myself. something I have a right to. Whatever is being said about my family, about me, I shall guard with my last breath, because I am a righteous man.”

He continued, “I stand before my God, the Holy Book and my Prophet (PBUH) and vow that the separation between Syra and I happened in August 2019. The reason for the said separation was never a woman. Sadaf was never a reason for our separation, neither was infidelity.”

Shahroz further added, “Whoever is claiming that the reason for our failed marriage was me cheating on Syra, should come forward with proofs. I challenge that person to.”

Addressing his separation, the actor said, “I met Sadaf for work after three or four months after my separation with Syra. I made a video earlier, which is now being edited and twisted. I can vow that nothing I said in that video was a lie because at that time Sadaf was only my colleague. After that first video, Syra and I tried to reconcile, but we couldn’t. The reason why our marriage broke has been very personal to us as a couple and we couldn’t solve it.”

“I am making this video for my daughter, whom I love very much. Five or six years from now, maybe her friends or she would read everything you have said, and will ask me, ‘Baba, what is this?'” he said. “At that moment, I will have this video and this will prove as my vow to her, so I can say that this is how I responded (to the criticism). She will be proud of this.”

He also challenged all the gossip-mongers to prove all the allegations directed at him.

“I challenge everyone to bring forth the proof to back all these claims you have made against me, my family and my wife, Sadaf. Forget the proofs as well. Come forward and vow in front of me that the reason behind my failed marriage with Syra was a woman.”

He concluded by saying, “I say this again: I will defend the honour of my family and my wife till the day I live.”

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