Instagram announces new exciting features including video call

05:42 PM | 2 May, 2018
Instagram announces new exciting features including video call
MENLO PARK – Facebook-owned social pictures and video sharing application Instagram has announced out new and innovative features at the F8 developer conference.


The new Spotify integration will allow users to link song stickers in their story so viewers can vibe song, playlist, or album. Users can also send an Instagram DM with a song/playlist/album.


This new feature will allow users to post their GoPro footage directly from GoPro’s application to Instagram without linking it together.

Users can re-centre or crop the video or image before uploading it.

Instagram says the new integrations on Instagram will also work when posting Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories and there will be more applications in the near future that will be integrated to Instagram Stories like Spotify and GoPro.

AR effect

Instagram has taken advantage of Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform to bring AR effects from celebrity accounts like Ariana Grande, Vogue, and the NBA. These AR effects range from face filters to environmental ones.

Instagrammers will be able to apply face filters for selfies and “world effects” for other snapshots.

Video Call

The new video call feature will allow up to four Instagrammers to connect through the Instagram application.

Moreover, Call participants can minimize the video chat and continue browsing within the application, with the other callers sitting in a thumbnail in a corner.

Page Explorer

The new feature allows users to discover new people, accounts and topics rather than a feed.

It is categorized into “topic channels” so users can browse with more direction.

The new features will be available soon for Android and iOS users.