Impact of Tecno’s CSR COVID-19 awareness program on brand equity

04:27 PM | 2 May, 2020
Impact of Tecno’s CSR COVID-19 awareness program on brand equity

LAHORE - Companies that largely invest in CSR activities tend to relish good consumer loyalty. Globally acclaimed brands engage in philanthropist campaigns as a part of their standard business manoeuvers. Pakistani companies provide sustainable social development benefits to society by investing in a wide array of human welfare projects. However, globally acclaimed TECNO Mobiles exemplify in this regard with their noble CSR strategies. 

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are taken for the well-being of the society in which the companies are operating. With the help of art, media, and financial funding the companies support issues related to the environment, global warming, energy consumption, and volatile threats to society like COVID-19 pandemic. These are the challenging times for the companies to priorities humanity over profit maximization such as TECNO mobiles which is going to initiate CSR Covid-19 awareness programs in Pakistan.

The social value of a brand name i.e. Brand Equity is directly influenced by the CSR initiatives which a company takes. Strong brand equity and positive consumer perception help distinguish an organization from its competitors. In lieu of gaining this positive popularity to their brands’ name, companies act responsibly by doing good to their community, environment, and social issues. Smartphone manufacturer, TECNO, is known for its name for taking thoughtful steps in the difficult times. 

TECNO extended its smartphone warranty by two months in light of the escalating pandemic. 

The brand has distributed hygiene packages including antibacterial wipes, sanitizers, mouthwash, cinnamon gums, face masks, alcohol prep pad, travel size towel, and wet tissues all around the world. Now the company aims to donate health care products all over in Pakistan to help people fight with the deadly virus.

Serving humanity and an upright reputation of the brands’ name is TECNO’s primary reason to engage in philanthropist activities towards the local society. Positive exposure to the brand and publicity comes hand in hand with such acts of virtue. Undoubtedly, TECNO has once again exemplified itself among its competitors by acting responsibly and reaching out to the people in need. The brand has postponed all of its major activities scheduled for the year and is investing in devising more CSR strategies retaining its brand equity.