Nand: Aijaz Aslam claps back at haters passing negative comments

11:45 AM | 2 Oct, 2020

Whether it's their career choices, rumors about personal life, or negative comments, celebrities constantly face the brunt of harsh opinions.

Being in the spotlight means that there’s a solid chance that you will be attacked and criticised all over the internet for even the most unimportant stuff ever.

However, some celebs like Aijaz Aslam don’t have the time to deal with crap and are ready to hit back at haters at any moment in time.

Recently, one supposed viewer shared that they didn’t like how current dramas being aired propagate a typical narrative and the audience is sick of watching depressing soaps like ‘Nand.’

Aslam shut down the troll by telling them to watch content that fascinates them and not waste time over hating others work.

“Nobody’s forcing you to watch it (Nand). You can always watch something else if you like,” said the actor.

Aijaz is currently starring opposite Minal Khan, Faiza Hassan and Shahroz Sabzwari in the serial aired by ARY.

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