Juggan Kazim launches her first book 'MOM MATTERS', sends shout-out to UPFRONT by Daily Pakistan

02:10 PM | 3 Aug, 2017
Juggan Kazim launches her first book 'MOM MATTERS', sends shout-out to UPFRONT by Daily Pakistan
Juggan, THANK YOU for all that love!

Juggun Kazim launched her first book MomMatters on Wednesday, 2nd August 2017. The TV host/actress and now author gave an exclusive preview of her upcoming book at X2 Café.

Mom Matters is just the first in the series of books to come, all revolving around the many diverse concerns of both ‘mothers-to-be’ and existing mothers.

With these books, Juggun aspires to help women in accepting the beauty of this process whilst learning to balance it with their everyday routines. The book provides instructions and advice for all concerned mothers out there.

The mother of two plans to publish sequels to this book which will explore different phases and aspects of being a mother, like pregnancy, choosing a gynecologist, choosing a pediatrician for your child, feeding your toddlers, the school years and so on.

Many eminent personalities of Lahore attended the launch to show their support for Juggun. The list of attendees included Sanam Taseer, Aabroo Hashmi, Alyzeh Gabol, Kamiar Rokni, Rehan Bashir, Asim Buksh, Maram Azmat, Zara Peerzada, Nina, Meher Khan, Mariam Ali, Sara Gandapur, Zainab Cheema, Madiha Saahil, Haider Maqsood and many others.


Speaking about the aspirations, Kazim said:

“MomMatters is a book that shares tips and tricks plus do’s and don'ts for desi mom's. This book is just the first of a series of books. I've been through two pregnancies and one miscarriage. My journey has been tough but also very fulfilling. What I did feel is that in Pakistan there is no support group and no information related to South Asian women and their issues in terms of motherhood. Our lifestyles, food, culture, beliefs, everything is different. Yet, we rely on western media and info to guide us through one of the most important parts of our lives. I hope to write books to help women understand and enjoy the beautiful journey of motherhood while balancing it with their other responsibilities. It is important to know about mom matters and also to know that moms matter.”

Earlier, Juggan had created an online portal to help mothers in their pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy days: ranging from what to eat, how to keep yourself healthy, what to feed the baby, how to have an active lifestyle whilst being a mother. The website contains absolutely useful information for new mothers who are confused and need some guidance, and those who just want to brush up on their skills!

Juggan recently shared a Facebook post on her official account:

'I am so touched by the incredible response I received today for my book "Mom Matters". I want to thank everyone who have acknowledged my hard work and especially to those who came to my book launch and supported me. A big shoutout to @MaramAabroo for my lovely makeup, @MaidaAzmat and @MintCommPk for the PR and management, @Souchaj for my gorgeous clothes, @X2Lahore for the perfect venue and Mona #houseofbedazzled for making the event look beautiful. Thank you all for helping me in making this day a great success ❤ So all you mommies and going to be mommies out there, do check out my new book.'