Did Israel assassinate JFK?

Dr Syed Mujahid Kamran 03:04 PM | 3 Jan, 2017
Did Israel assassinate JFK?
Author’s note: I had only been vaguely aware of the possible Mossad role in the assassination of JFK. However, when I looked at the actual literature on the subject, it has become obvious that it was a job in which Mossad collaborated with sections of the CIA. Both, Israel and the CIA leadership work for the secretive, Freemasonic Zionist international banking families. JFK had run onto a collision course with these families. This article is a part of a detailed article on the assassination of JFK that I am currently writing.

Former Congressman Paul Findley who has authored several books exposing the Zionist and Israeli influence over American society, wrote in the March 1992 issue of the Washington Review on Middle East Affairs: “It is interesting - but not surprising - that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad has never been mentioned.” Journalist Andrew Cockburn has stated: “There has been since almost the earliest days of the Israeli state and the earliest days of the CIA a secret bond, basically by which Israeli intelligence did jobs for the CIA and the rest of the American intelligence. You can’t understand what’s been going on with American covert operations and the Israeli covert operations unless you understand this.”

What motivation and interest did Israel have in the elimination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK)? The conflict between JFK and Israel was simple, even though the JFK-Ben-Gurion correspondence, that contained evidence of this conflict, was not declassified for at least three decades after JFK’s assassination. Parts of it were kept classified even after a lapse of over four decades. There is nothing in this correspondence that should have been kept secret for so long. The correspondence reveals very clearly that JFK wanted to find out about the activities that were going on at the nuclear reactor that had been secretly built at Dimona. JFK wanted to ensure that Israel would not become a nuclear power. Perhaps the real reason for the concealment of this correspondence was to prevent the American people from becoming cognizant of Israel’s secret nuclear program. Such an awareness on the part of the American people would certainly have, at that time, led to cutting off of much needed American aid to Israel. The real beneficiary of this delayed declassification was only Israel. A deeper reason could be that had the public known of this correspondence, Mossad would have been, along with the CIA, a real suspect in the JFK assassination.

It must not be forgotten for one moment that Israel was created as a result of the machinations of the Rothschilds, and one may refer to it as a Rothschild state or the Rothschild outpost in the Middle East. The JFK clash with Israel was also a clash with the international bankers who own Israel. Both the CIA and Israel have the same masters and the masters had turned against JFK. Since both Mossad and the CIA work for the international bankers, the involvement of both in the JFK assassination is not something that should surprise those who study these matters.

Ben Gurion was Israel’s PM from 1948 to 1963 (he resigned on June 16, 1963). The Israeli writer Avner Cohen states in his book Israel and the Bomb (Columbia University Press):

“Imbued with lessons of the Holocaust, Ben-Gurion was consumed by fears of security... Anxiety about Holocaust reached beyond Ben-Gurion to infuse Israel’s military thinking... Ben-Gurion had no qualms about Israel’s need for weapons of mass destruction... Ben-Gurion’s world view and his decisive governing style shaped his critical role in instigating Israel’s nuclear progress.”

Kennedy was very firm that Israel must not become a nuclear power. Once the US found out that Israel had secretly constructed a nuclear reactor at Dimona JFK wrote to Ben-Gurion demanding that the US be allowed to send its inspectors to check whether or not the reactor was being used for peaceful purposes. Ben-Gurion did not like this at all and was reluctant to allow US inspectors to inspect Dimona. This reluctance led to a serious exchange of letters that were so intense that they were kept classified for decades after the JFK assassination.

On May 16, 2016, Avner Cohen and William Burr have posted an important article based on documents from the National Security Archive of the George Washington University on the subject Kennedy, Dimona and the Nuclear Proliferation Problem 1961-1962. They write:

“President John F. Kennedy worried that Israel’s nuclear program was a potentially serious proliferation risk and insisted that Israel permit periodic inspections to mitigate the danger, according to declassified documents published today by the National Security Archive, Nuclear Proliferation International History Project, and the James Martin Centre for Nonproliferation Studies.  Kennedy pressured the government of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to prevent a military nuclear program, particularly after stage-managed tours of the Dimona facility for U.S. government scientists in 1961 and 1962 raised suspicions within U.S. intelligence that Israel might be concealing its underlying nuclear aims.  Kennedy’s long-run objective, documents show, was to broaden and institutionalize inspections of Dimona by the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

Ben-Gurion met JFK in Washington on May 30, 1961, and the very first agenda item in that meeting was the Israeli nuclear program. Notes of the meeting were taken by Assistant Secretary of State Phillips Talbot who pointed out that Ben-Gurion spoke very fast and in a low tone so that some sentences or words were missed out. Talbot remembers that Ben-Gurion had mentioned a pilot plant to process plutonium but had stressed that although the Israeli nuclear program had a military potential its purpose was economic and peaceful. The official memcon of the US government “retained the sentence about plutonium but did not include the language about the ‘pilot plant’ and `weapons capacity’”. It is now well known that JFK never accepted that Israel’s nuclear program was peaceful and that nuclear proliferation was his nightmare. Consequently, there was a sense of urgency and emotion in his attempt to block Israel from becoming nuclear. That Israel could be pursuing a nuclear weapons program was also suspected strongly by the US intelligence agencies and an NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) prepared a few months after the JFK-Ben-Gurion meeting suggests that Israel may already have begun pursuit of a nuclear weapons program or set up a program that would allow it to become a nuclear power when desired. In one of the letters exchanged with JFK Ben-Gurion had decided not to tell the truth about Israel’s nuclear program, not even in private. Ben-Gurion stated: “Mr President my people have the right to exist, and this existence is in danger.” However, JFK told his friend the journalist Charles Bartlett, “The sons of bitches lie to me constantly about their nuclear capability.” So there was, without a doubt, intense heat on the matter and JFK came to be considered as an enemy of Israel. It has been said that the resistance offered by Ben-Gurion to JFK was a factor in his resignation.

The differences between JFK and Ben-Gurion became very sharp by 1963. JFK wrote to Levi Eshkol soon after he took over from Ben-Gurion as the Israeli PM. JFK wrote:

“I regret having to add to your burdens so soon after your assumption of office, but I feel the crucial importance of this problem necessitates my taking up with you at this early date certain further considerations, arising out of Mr. Ben-Gurion’s May 27th letter, as to the nature and scheduling of such visits.

I am sure you will agree that these visits should be nearly as possible in accord with international standards, thereby resolving all doubts as to the peaceful intent of the Dimona project. As I wrote Mr. Ben-Gurion, this Government’s commitment to and support of Israel could be seriously jeopardized if it should be thought that we were unable to obtain reliable information on a subject as vital to the peace as the question of Israel’s effort in the nuclear field.”

So JFK had written to Ben-Gurion on May 27th that US support to Israel was contingent upon coming clean on its nuclear program. Now this was a sort of ultimatum and it was repeated to Levi Eshkol. Israeli historian Evner Cohen mentions that this ultimatum “precipitated a near-crisis situation in Eshkol’s office.” How could the Rothschilds and their Zionist free-masonic banking brethren allow the existence of Israel to be jeopardised? They had waged two bloody world wars with the creation of Israel as one their major objectives. Every step of JFK in pursuit of a peaceful world made him a marked man as far the international banking brethren and its subservient allies were concerned.

In his outstanding book Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, first published in 1995, Michael Collins Piper wrote in the preface:

“The long and close relation between Israel and JFK’s foes at the CIA is something which is becoming more and more known to the general public. JFK’s own war with the CIA is common knowledge. At the time of the president’s assassination, however, the depth and breadth of CIA’s relationship with Israel’s Mossad, was not so commonly known. What’s more, as I began to discover, Israel’s allies in the Lansky Syndicate had much deeper relations with the CIA than most researchers have realised.”

For instance, James Jesus Angleton, Head of the CIA’s counter-intelligence desk was, according to Michael Collins Piper, “the CIA’s primary high-level conspirator in the murder of President Kennedy and then the subsequent cover-up. Angleton, who had been co-opted by and was totally loyal to the Israeli Mossad, played a major role in framing Lee Harvey Oswald.” Oswald it may be recalled was projected as the man who shot JFK from the Book Depository and was shot dead within two days of his arrest by Jack Rubinstein (Ruby).

District Attorney Jim Garrison had zeroed in on Clay Shaw, masquerading as a New Orleans businessman, as part of the conspiracy to assassinate JFK. This was highly significant. Although Oliver Stone’s famous movie JFK shows that Clay Shaw was a CIA asset, it fails to mention Clay Shaw’s deep connection with the Mossad. The reason for this failure almost certainly lies in the fact that the movie was produced by an Israeli spy named Arnon Milchan. Milchan, who was involved in selling nuclear triggers to Israel, financed the movie. Therefore, one objective of Milchan’s production almost certainly was drawing attention away from Mossad’s role in the JFK assassination and focussing only on the CIA.

In 1963 Clay Shaw had served on the board of a Rome-based company named Permindex. Investigations by researchers have revealed that Permindex is a Mossad front company. Investigations by researchers have revealed that one of the owners of Permindex was the Geneva Banque de Credit. Banque de Credit is known to have laundered money for the Jewish mob leader Meyer Lansky whose name also turned up as a part of the conspiracy during the investigations of the JFK assassination. Further Banque de Credit was founded by Tibor Rosenbaum, known to be involved in financing Mossad and in procuring arms for the Israeli spy agency. In fact, Rosenbaum has been mentioned as former Director of Finances and Supply for Mossad. So practically Banque de Credit was an institution working for Israel and its spy agency. Therefore, its connection with Permindex is most significant. Further Permindex was owned by CMC of Rome, which in turn was founded by a highly important Hungarian Jew named George Mandel who was intimately connected with Mossad and of course with Israel. According to writers, he was “the first man to start rumours about Auschwitz being a death camp.”

(Please see, November 22, 2014).

In fact, in the 1970s Jim Garrison had a manuscript of a novel on the JFK assassination in which the responsibility of the assassination was fixed on Mossad. This disclosure was made by writer A.J. Weberman, an Israeli-American dual citizen, who states that Jim Garrison had asked him to help him find a publisher for that novel.

But the most astonishing discovery has been made by a Canadian Maurice Phillipps. Phillipps was able to study the papers of Louis Bloomfeld who was the CEO of Permindex and its primary shareholder. Author Michael Collins Piper has described this discovery in an article posted on The American Free Press website on November 21, 2013.

He writes:

“Documents unearthed by Canadian author Maurice Phillipps demonstrate beyond question that Shaw’s associate on the board of Permindex (its chief executive officer and primary shareholder), Louis Bloomfield of Montreal, was a longtime attorney for the Rothschild dynasty, particularly for Baron Edmund de Rothschild of London, going back as far as World War II.”

Based on Phillipps’ work Piper has also pointed out that:

“Documents indicate Bloomfield was so close to Rothschild that he (Bloomfield) incorporated (in Canada)-and was a shareholder of-Tri Continental Pipe Line Ltd. (described by Phillipps as “a major Rothschild company”) to which Israel granted a 49-year exclusive right on use of a 16-inch pipeline between the Red Sea and Haifa in Israel.”

Piper further states:

“The Israeli connection is no surprise. The Rothschilds have been Israel’s foremost patrons. In addition, Bloomfield and Montreal liquor baron Sam Bronfman-the head of the World Jewish Congress, with whom Bloomfield was also closely associated-were among a clique of money kings who, in the 1950s, bankrolled Israel’s secret nuclear arms program. According to Israeli author Michael Karpin, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion referred to those donors as ‘consecrators’, suggesting, as Karpin noted, `in Ben-Gurion’s eyes, the nuclear project was holy.’”

It is of interest to note that the late Sir Edgar Bronfman received 240 million US dollars annually from the underworld for allowing the right to export heroin from Canada into the US

(please see

In the light of the documents bequeathed by Bloomfield to the Canadian National Archives, it is very clear that the CEO of Permindex, with which Clay Shaw was associated, was intimately tied to the Zionist leadership, in particular, the Rothschilds and the Bronfams. Thus the Permindex connection in the JFK assassination leads directly to the Rothschilds and their Zionist brethren. Of course, author Michael Collins Piper had, as far back as 1995, held the Mossad as the real culprit in the JFK assassination in his book Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy. Piper incidentally was found dead in a motel room in 2015 at the age of 54. No autopsy of his body was conducted! It is likely that he was murdered for his exposure of the Mossad role in the JFK assassination and other investigations that he was probably carrying out.

The investigation by District Attorney Jim Garrison also led to Meyer Lansky as a figure involved in the JFK assassination conspiracy. All mafia individuals involved in the assassination plan were linked to Lansky. For instance, Jack Rubinstein, known as Jack Ruby, was a Lansky man; he killed Lee Harvey Oswald. And who was Lansky? Meyer Lansky was a Jew who had taken over the mafia from his friend Lucky Luciano. Luciano, it may be recalled, was serving time in the Clinton Correctional Facility when he was picked up by the ONI, which managed to get him released in order to be able to use him for drug trafficking in Sicily to obtain money for Operation Gladio. Lansky had played a key role in the establishment of Las Vegas and also of Israel. The casinos he set up laundered both, CIA Black Ops money as well as Jewish mob money. As Peter Dale Scott states (Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, p 98):

“Lansky developed a national clearing house for underworld money laundering. Lansky made financial history by opening accounts in Switzerland for Huey Long and other principals, making a channel for the postwar flow of mob money to overseas havens from the Bahamas to Vanuato.”

Piper mentions that Menachim Begin, who became the Israeli Prime Minister, was “overheard conspiring with Meyer Lansky’s California henchman, Mickey Cohen, in a conversation that suggested hostile intentions by Israel against the American President.” Pipe further points out that Yitzhak Shamir “headed the Mossad’s assassination squad at the time of JFK assassination. A former French intelligence officer has charged that Shamir himself arranged the hiring of the JFK’s actual assassins through a close ally in French intelligence.” The CIA official E. Howard Hunt confessed to his son shortly before he died that there was a French assassin among JFK’s killers.

The concealment of the JFK-Ben-Gurion correspondence and the complete failure of the movie JFK to mention the Mossad connection of Clay Shaw are two faces of the same coin. The objective is to keep the American public ignorant about the Israeli connection to the JFK assassination. Israel, CIA, Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, all are subservient to the will of the leading international banking families, spearheaded by the Rothschilds. In the light of the work of the late Michael Collins Piper, the 1986 revelation by the Israeli whistle blower Mordecai Vanunu becomes even more significant. As one writer puts it


“Mordecai Vanunu was the original whistle blower. In 1986 he told the world that Israel had nuclear weapons and published photos of the secret Dimona works in the British press. He said Prime Minister Ben-Gurion ordered the assassination of JFK because the President opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Ben-Gurion resigned in protest over JFK’s Israeli policies. Vanunu also wrote a letter in 1997 saying that there was even a link between Kennedy’s assassination and Israel’s launching of the 1967 war.”

Piper’s research also focussed on what happened to US policy with regard to Israel after JFK’s assassination. An article posted on summarises the change in US policy as a consequence of JFK’s assassination. The article, titled Mossad And The JFK Assassination, points out:

“If you’re still not convinced; how about some numbers? In Kennedy’s last fiscal budget year of 1964, Israeli aid was $40 million. In LBJ’s first budget of 1965, it soared to $71 million, and in 1966 more than tripled from two years earlier to $130 million! Plus, during Kennedy’s administration, almost none of our aid to Israel was military in nature. Instead, it was split equally between development loans and food assistance under PL 480 Program. Yet in1965 under the Johnson administration, 20% of our id to Israel was military, while in 1966 71% was used for war related materials.”

“Can you see what’s happening here? Within two years of JFK’s assassination, Israel went from being a weak, outmatched member of a volatile Middle Eastern community that was not allowed to develop nuclear weapons to one that was well on its way to becoming an undeniable military force on the world stage. John Kennedy adamantly put his foot down and refused to allow Israel to develop a nuclear program, while LBJ bent over backward to facilitate and bolster them. Or as Seymour Hersh wrote in the Samson Option, ‘By 1968, the president had no intention of doing anything to stop the bomb.’”

Piper concludes that:

“Israel was the driving force behind the conspiracy that resulted in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is the Israeli connection that pulls all of the pieces of the puzzle into one complete picture. The role of Israel in the JFK assassination is indeed, the until-now ‘missing link.’”

Dr Syed Mujahid Kamran
Dr Syed Mujahid Kamran

Syed Mujahid Kamran was the Vice Chancellor of Punjab University, Lahore. He was a Fullbright Fellow at University of Georgia, USA, during 1988-89 and professor of physics at King Saud University, Riyadh, from 2001 to 2004.


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