"Fawad Khan is very disrespectful," a disappointed Meera Ji exclaims!

07:54 PM | 3 Jul, 2017
Meera Ji has just sparked another viral controversy within the folds of the internet. Our leading lady is of the opinion that our local cinema's young crop of actors refuse to show an ounce of respect. "When we were new to the industry, our seniors — legends such as Shamim Ara, Babra Sharif, Mahesh Bhatt and Subhash Ghai — taught us to go and acknowledge older actors."

"Today’s young actors haven’t done much work but they still consider themselves to be superstars. They may have strong followings on social media or they may have acted in a few movies but they are yet to build a body of work for themselves," she said.

While talking about respecting senior artists, the masala queen has made a statement in regards to Fawad Khan saying, "Fawad Khan is a good actor but is very disrespectful. He has never come up to me and said salaam to me. I am a senior, I have won many awards and worked in 155 films and 15 TV serials. And yet, I have appreciated his work. Why can’t he reciprocate by at least greeting me? He has never approached me and said ‘Meera, let’s work on a project together for Pakistan.’ These attitude problems need to be corrected."

Kudos to our beloved actress for making it in the news once again!