Gadget Survey: The best of laptops under Rs 50,000 price range

01:19 PM | 4 Jul, 2017
Gadget Survey: The best of laptops under Rs 50,000 price range
Deciding whether to buy a gaming laptop or an ultra-book could be hard. Choosing which laptop out of all the available could be even harder. Thus, the Daily Pakistan Global has compiled a list of some of the best laptops in three categories; gaming, convertible and productivity. The market survey lists its picks for the best ‘All-Rounder’ at the end. The laptops surveyed and analyzed cost below $500 (PKR 52,000), averaging around $350 (PKR 36,000).

Replies to queries like ‘which laptop best suits me’ depend on nature of usage and the budget available. For instance, if weight is a factor, a gaming laptop would not suit you, a convertible one would be a much better option. If the better performance matters, a gaming laptop would work just fine but you may have to sacrifice portability in some cases.

Here is how Daily Pakistan Global comprehends various options available in the marketplace:

Gaming laptops

These laptops tend to have a separate GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and an excellent processor compared to all other categories out there. The systems usually have aggressive designing and a heavy weight. These also don’t tend to last long while gaming either but these have a more than a capable battery to last all day long.

Acer Aspire E5-575G-57D4

It’s the best gaming laptop in $500 price range with seventh (7th) generation Intel Core i5-7200u processor along with 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card. It also has 8GB Ram and a 256 SSD with Windows 10 pre-installed and a battery life upto 12-hours claimed by Acer.

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Asus P-Series P2540UA-AB51

It’s a good gaming laptop, not the best, with a 7th generation Intel core i5 and integrated graphics. It also has 8GB and a 1TB hard drive with Windows 10 pre-installed and a battery life of upto 9 hours claimed by Asus.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 310

It’s the best light gaming laptop with a 2.7GHz 7th generation Intel Core i7-7500u processor and AMD Radeon R5 graphics. It also has 12GB RAM and 1TB hard drive with Windows 10 pre-installed.

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Convertible laptops

Convertible laptops or ‘tablets’ as some like to call them, are the most portable and lightweight on the list. These machines (particularly those mentioned on the list) have a 360° hinge or can be detached from the keyboard. These laptops are equipped with small screens and batteries that last a day with moderate use. But not much processing power, meaning that one cannot run heavy games nor have a smooth experience while editing. Manufacturers aim these machines towards students who don’t have power-demanding tasks and rather need portability.

Microsoft Surface 3

The surface 3 comes in at 10.8”; the $500 model has an Intel Quad Core Atom x7-Z8700 processor and Intel HD graphics. It also has 2GB RAM and 64GB hard drive (Expandable via Micro-SD) with Windows 10 pre-installed and 1 year office365 with a battery life of 10 hours claimed by Microsoft. Special Features: Surface pen, Kickstand, Full size keyboard-cover.

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Lenovo Yoga Book (Android/Windows)

The Yoga Book comes with either an Android 6.0 configuration ($399) or a Windows 10 ($449) power by an Intel Atom x5 processor and 10.1” IPS LED LCD Touch Display. It also has 4GB RAM and 64 GB hard drive (Expandable via Micro-SD).  Special Features: Halo keyboard, pen and paper simultaneous input, 360 hinge.

For full specs, visit:|se|msn|21357603520|Lenovo+Yoga+Book|IIP_NX_Lenovo_Yoga+Book|62101428&s_kwcid=AL!4030!10!78889968823488!21357603520&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=[campain-name]&utm_term=[keyword]&ef_id=WU99DQAAAIZeqgJZ:20170625105217:s

Asus Chromebook flip

The Chromebook flip comes in at 10.1” screen with a Rock chip 3288 quad-core processor. It also has 4GB of RAM and 16 GB Hard drive (expandable via Micro-SD). Equipped with pre-installed Chrome OS, its battery lasts for 10 hours as per Asus claims. Special features:  360 hinge, Android apps support.Please keep in mind that Chrome OS is not heavy duty like Windows or MacOS and only performs basic tasks. One cannot use third party programs yet either.

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Ultrabooks or otherwise known as ‘productivity laptops’ suit the needs of a business professional while having enough power to run most tasks in the office. These are portable and lightweight as well though not as light as the convertibles. They don’t have ‘excellent’ battery life, because people tend to have their chargers available in their offices as well, but it has enough to spare for a few hours.

Acer Aspire E-15 (E5-75-33BM)

Acer aspire E-15 has a 15.6” 1080p display with a 2.4 GHz 7th generation Intel Core i3-7100U processor alongside 4GB RAM and 1TB hard drive. With pre-installed Windows 10, the system has a solid build quality and a battery life of 12 hours as per company claim.

Special feature: DVD-ROM

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Asus transformer book T300CHI

The Asus transformer book has a 12.5” 1440p IPS LCD touch-screen with an Intel Core M processor (fanless). It also has 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD (Solid-State drive). The system comes with Windows 8.1 pre-installed and a six hour battery practical usage. Special features: Full size keyboard-cover and a 2-in-1 form factor.

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Best overall picks

HP Pavilion x360

The HP Pavilion is one of the top best overall laptops under $500. It has a 13.3” IPS 1080p display with a 2.4 GHz 7th generation Intel Core i3-7100U GHz processor. It also has 6GB RAM and 500GB hard drive. The system comes with Windows 10 pre-installed and a 6.5 hours practical usage. Special features: 2-in-1 360°, Ethernet port. The laptop is available in Natural silver and Modern Gold.

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Asus F556UA-AB32


The Asus F556UA is the best overall laptop under $500, featuring a 15.6” display with an Intel Core i3 processor. Packed with 4GB RAM and 1TB hard drive, the system comes with pre-installed Windows 10 while the price includes a one-year international warranty as well as 12-month accidental damage protection (in cases of liquid spillage etc.) Special features: USB type-C port, solid build.

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