Lego robotics worksop held at SIBF 2018

06:25 PM | 4 Nov, 2018
Lego robotics worksop held at SIBF 2018
SHARJAH - Toys that introduce construction engineering have been topping popularity charts in 2018, and keeping this momentum alive was a simple workshop titled ‘Lego Robotics’ by Nick Hawken.

This curiosity-raising class enabled children to mix experimentation and play at the Sharjah International Book Fair on Friday.

The workshop used normal Lego that had a large white and gray brick which served as the central processing unit for the robot. This Hub in turn connected to the child’s tablet via Bluetooth, to receive their programming code. Nick started organising this workshop in various schools in the UK as he thought there was a dearth of engineers around the world and particularly in the UK.

“Children are very curious beings, they are keen to know how a watch works, how the pump works or how the car moves. Therefore, I thought why not introduce technology to work and play with. It’s engaging, and it is fun-learning,” he said.

“I also feel schools do not have robotics as a separate subject. Besides, big batches of children can easily lose these Lego parts that can be expensive for schools to replace or buy each time. Therefore, through my workshops, I can bring this to knowledge to children easily,” he added.