Top-Notch Camera, Dependable Performance, Sleek Appearance; vivo’s Y53s Has It All

11:17 AM | 4 Sep, 2021
Top-Notch Camera, Dependable Performance, Sleek Appearance; vivo’s Y53s Has It All

Let’s start with a little mathematics problem. One person and their smartphone took a trip to the beach. Can you tell me the total number of playmates that travelled together? 2! You got it right. With vivo Y53s in hand, you’re never without a companion- an all-in-one device for your smartphone needs. Here’s everything you need to know about vivo Y53s’s camera, performance and design attributes.

Live The Best of Both Worlds - Behind and Infrontofthe Lens

It’s no coincidence that vivo’s slogan for its latest Y53s is ‘Clear shot, Swift play’. It represents a young and vigorous generation. The device truly is an entertainer and a dependable companion. The vivo Y53s comes with a stunning 64MP Rear Camera* that features the Eye Autofocus for the first time in a Y series smartphone. 

The PDAF technology of the lens allows the user to move and still focus on the eyes of the subject to get clear, focused shots. vivo Y53s also features a Rear Macro Camera and a Portrait Bokeh Camera that gives users more choices suited to the subject they’re photographing. The rear camera is also equipped with gripping features that make mobile photography an enriching experience. 

The Super Night Mode increases the brightness of shots taken in low lighting. What’s interesting to note is the process of brightening an image. A multi-frame noise reduction algorithm is used to enhance the details in the shot and minimize noise, so you won't have to deal with dark, noisy photos ever again. 

The software also enhances the color composition to bring out natural and realistic images. The Super Night Selfie and the Aura Screen Light intelligently complement each other when taking pictures at night. On manually turning on the Aura Screen Light in the front camera, the feature can be used as a daily fill light. When coupled with the Super Night Selfie, it brings out clear images. 

The Ultra Stable Video works through Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and uses a gyroscope that suppresses camera movement and eliminates blurriness to yield steady videos. As the name suggests, the Multi-Style Portrait feature revolves around portraits. It includes various sub-features such as AI Face Beauty, tone adjustment, and bokeh effects to cater to the needs of the photographer as per the environment. vivo has designed a total of three sets of front camera style portraits and four sets of rear camera style portraits for users to mix and match the styles according to their wishes.

Dependable, Smooth, and Lasts Long

While the vivo Y53s camera system guarantees an adventurous mobile photography experience, the smartphone’s performance is not far behind. The Y53s comes with a massive 8GB + 4GB Extended RAM^. It basically means that the smartphone borrows space from the storage, converts it into virtual RAM, and allocates it to applications and games for smoother performance. With a total of 12GB RAM (8GB + 4GB Extended RAM^), the software experience on the Y53s is top-notch. It also permits the user to easily switch between apps. 

Furthermore, this technology increases the memory usage efficiency by 37% when compared with the traditional memory management technology. The 128GB ROM + 1TB Memory Expansion allows users to download and use more apps with ease and without lags. 

The vivo Y53s comes with a solid 33W FlashCharge ability and a 5000mAh battery capacity that makes the device function for long hours without the need for a constant electricity supply. With the 33W FlashCharge, you don’t have to worry about waiting for your phone to get charged. The Y53s truly lives up to its ‘swift play’ promise.

Stylish, Sleek and Can Be Yours

The vivo Y53s is available in an 8.38mm body and 3D Body Design that gives it a sleek appearance. With this smartphone, vivo brings the Fantastic Rainbow color scheme that uses the industry’s first liquid crystal coating process and incorporates a kaleidoscope of colors that changes with the angle of light. The device also comes in a classy Deep Sea Blue color that brings out the shades of blue and black. 

The smartphone’s stylish Side Fingerprint scanner enhances the appearance of the phone by providing the ultimate exterior as compared to a rear fingerprint scanner. The Rear Camera module showcases an R3 Camera layout. This means that the system adopts the triangular arrangement and dual-colour design elements to enhance the appeal of the device’s structure. 

Why wait for your playmates to show off the best device in town when you can be first? Go on, experience the vivo Y53s in style.