#StandWithKashmir: Pakistani celebrities speak up for Kashmir

01:59 PM | 5 Aug, 2019
#StandWithKashmir: Pakistani celebrities speak up for Kashmir
LAHORE- Authorities in India-occupied Kashmir imposed an indefinite security lockdown before Sunday midnight, ordering thousands of visitors out of the region.

The occupying forces laid steel barricades and razor wire on roads and intersections to cut off neighborhoods in serene Srinagar and other towns in the Kashmir valley.

In fresh aggression, Indian authorities also suspended internet services as well as a majority of mobile phone networks, stirring panic and chaos among the residents reeling under the brutality for decades.

Soon after the tensions escalated, hashtag #StandWithKashmir started trending on Twitter and many came out to express their support for Kashmiris.

Celebs such as Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mahira Khan, Hareem Farooq, and Farhan Saeed and others are raising their voices to speak up for them.

Hamza Ali Abbasi was the first one to speak up against India’s recent atrocities in Kashmir:

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Mahira Khan said, “Heaven is burning and we silently weep.”

Mawra Hoccane

Hareem Farooq also made her stance known on the matter:

Mehwish Hayat 

Armeena Rana Khan, who has always been vocal about international peace, said, "There are only people and there is only humanity. Flags, borders, power are a game for the elites and where ordinary people die. Politicians and their children don’t go to war. We must all take a stand against this crime against humanity. It is time to stand with #Kashmir."


Shaan Shahid 

Farhan Saeed called out for support:

Veena Malik

Kubra Khan 

Feroze Khan

Earlier this week, the Indian army used cluster munitions in violation of ‘international humanitarian law and its own commitments under the 1983 Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons’.

This blatant Indian aggression over the past few days has caused multiple fatalities and injuries to several others, including minor children and women as well.

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