Nescafe Basement’s Xulfi accused of sexual harassment

11:02 AM | 5 Aug, 2021
Nescafe Basement’s Xulfi accused of sexual harassment

LAHORE - Pakistani singer, music producer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, popularly known as ‘Xulfi’, is the latest in series of celebrities who have been accused of sexual harassment. 

A woman, who did not reveal details about her identity, shared her ordeal with a Pakistani-Canadian activist Zara Haider. 

Calling Xulfi a ‘predator,’ she claimed that the singer used to send inappropriate text messages to girls and act in a weird way when he worked as producer and mentor on the television series Nescafe Basement. 

She added the girls “including herself stayed quiet because it could affect their careers”. 

The complainant claimed the singer used to message her at 3am in the night, adding that she had lost the evidence as her mobile phone had broken. The unknown lady, who wanted to pursue her career in the music field, said in her message to the activist that “he broke my dreams”. 

“He ruined very happy thought I had about music for years.” 

Meanwhile, another woman endorsed the allegation, stating that Xulfi is “extremely disloyal to his wife and has a thing for much, much younger girls.” 

She recalled that the music producer had also tried to trap her. “He openly told me he ‘loves me and wants to meet me’,” she added.

However, the well-known singer has denied the allegations saying, “You can ask each and every girl who has ever been part of NB [Nescafe Basement]”.

 “My conscience can’t ever let me recruit someone in NB on the basis of anything else except talent,” he responded.

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