Pakistan Property Show, Dubai — Your One-Stop Venue for Sifting through the Best Local Property Options  

03:10 PM | 5 Dec, 2019
Pakistan Property Show, Dubai — Your One-Stop Venue for Sifting through the Best Local Property Options  
Pakistan Property Show, Dubai — Your One-Stop Venue for Sifting through the Best Local Property Options  
Share has long been credited with bringing a lot of technological innovation to the business side of Pakistan’s property marketplace. The country’s pioneering real estate portal, as such, has worked both hard and fast to introduce cutting-edge modes of property-marketing to the industry; making it amount to more than just a concern for buying and selling developed/underdeveloped tracts of land.

Staying true to its commitment to streamline the potential of Pakistani real estate, the company, further, has strived to explore new avenues of vertical development (aiming for complete and above-board sector domination, no less!).

It maintains a deep appreciation for the importance that land holds in the lives of people – seeing that it offers them a profound sense of security and wellbeing that is not likely to go away anytime soon.

PPS, Dubai: Where the Ideal Property Investment Opportunities Converge invests a lot of effort to get like-minded professionals – who seek to brighten the future of Pakistani real estate – to come together and collaborate; both on the employee and consumer fronts.

In a bid to follow-up on this operational orientation, the company launched its now-wildly-popular Zameen Expos events back in 2013 to publicly exhibit the finest property options within the country.

After gaining a lot of local success, it decided to take the spectacle overseas and organised its first Pakistan Property Show (PPS) in Dubai in 2017. This inaugural event turned out to be the grandest property exhibition in living memory for the emirate’s overseas Pakistani dwellers; enabling them to invest in their dream real estate projects back home and avail exclusive deals and discount promotions.

The second event of this series, inaugurated by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), H.E. Marwan Ahmed Bin Ghalita, was planned on an even larger scale and played host to a greater number of property stalls – managed by 17,000+ exhibitors!

The combined footfall of the PPS shows of 2017 and 2018 was later found to total over 31,000 visitors; who were catered to by more than 110 stall attractions (with a little assistance from Team Zameen, of course).

When considered on an overall footing, these events have historically tended to draw varied, cosmopolitan crowds; allowing overseas Pakistanis and foreign property purchasers, generally, to explore the investment opportunities on offer within the country. They also enable real estate professionals to present their projects to large pools of pocketbook-ready investors – and thereby cash-in on instant funding once the deals locked gain regulatory approval back home.

Tracing the history of Zameen Expos

As may now be evident, the advent of Zameen Expos signalled the ‘further step’ long-planned by Pakistan’s top property portal to enhance its sector-wide domination scope. These recurring, annual, events continue to be held in the major metropolitan cities of the country to gather all the property buyers, sellers, brokers, investors, and developers under one roof. To date, the company has successfully conducted 19 such exhibits with a footprint registered literally ‘in the millions’.

What’s amazing about these events is that the company is careful about showcasing only safe and reliable projects during the proceedings — zeroing the risk for investors to have to put up with fraudulent ventures.

In these multi-day exhibitions, all kinds of property enthusiasts get the opportunity to interact with prominent and up-and-coming developers and industry experts from across the country. Many of these visitors end up locking their preferred property options on the spot.

Pakistan Property Show Dubai 2019 – an excitement-filled, 2-day event planned at the Dubai World Trade Centre

As the year draws to a close, has big plans in place for this year’s PPS – scheduled for the 6th and 7th of December at Za'abeel Hall Number 5, Dubai World Trade Centre.

Over 64 stall instalments of various sizes have already been booked; leaving the industry abuzz with a feeling of excitement about what else may be in store.

So if you’re an investor looking to put your stake in a real estate venture that promises lucrative returns, a potential homeowner in search of a reliable developer to build your dream home, or even a fresh market entrant looking to score an affordable commercial construction opportunity; you’d do well to mark your calendar!

Because events like the PPS – where property purchasing options are literally presented on a platter - don’t come knocking every other day.