Do you know who the MOST SEARCHED Pakistanis in 2016 were? Also, here's WHY

03:58 PM | 5 Jan, 2017
Do you know who the MOST SEARCHED Pakistanis in 2016 were? Also, here's WHY
Pakistanis have ruled this super encyclopedia in 2016. Wikimedia Foundation has recently disclosed the crunched numbers of searches for Pakistani celebrities, icons and socialists.

Here is a complete list people were reading about in 2016 according to their number of searches in previous year:

Malala Yousafzai


Malala always is in the limelight. We know she is not very popular among her countrymen due to the "negative image" she portrays for her homeland. However, she has got the most profile page views in 2016.

She has been in the news for:

• Malala Yousafzai, Richard Branson and dozen others urge UNSC to end 'ethnic cleansing' in Myanmar

• Read Malala Yousafzai’s Statement on Aleppo: ‘Prayers Are Not Enough. We Must Act’

• Malala Yousafzai meets YouTube sensation Superwoman

Fawad Khan


The heartthrob of Pakistani film and drama industry has the second highest page views last year. Sensational yet extra charming personality has ruled on Wikipedia in 2016 with aggregate pageviews of 2,087,313. Keep booming Fawad!

He has been in Headlines for:

• Fawad khan has no reason to suffer from ADHM ban. Only India will

• Karan Johar requests the release of ADHM in India starring Fawad Khan

Mawra Hocane


The 'CUTIE PIE' of Pakistan has faced a lot of criticism by the Indian critics regarding her 'debute' movie 'SANAM TERI KASAM' an Indian movie. Even though after a lot of arrows and heart wrenching comments against her, she slayed everything with her killing looks and boomed with the raised bars of pageviews 1,774,724.

Marwa has been in the News for:

  • Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane condemns terror attacks, wants hugs from Ranbir Kapoor

• 10 times Mawra Hocane told us what it's like being a celebrity

Qandeel Baloch

The brutal murder of 'social media sensation" and Pakistan's 'Kim kardashian' and model Qandeel Baloch has been in the news and views for the mysterious case of her murder in 2016. Her assassination invited a great deal of  criticism against her. She was one of the Pakistan's top search personality in 2016 who got pageviews about 1,496,633.

She was highlighted in the news for:

• What is Pakistan's problem with Qandeel Baloch

• Qandeel Baloch: Murdered Pakistan celebrity's parent speak of pain

Muhammad Ali Jinnah



The founder and great personality of Pakistan ever born was among the list of most searched Pakistani celebrities. His profile page has been visited 1,314,372 times in the previous year.

He has been in the News for:

• 10 things you must know about Jinnah

• Quaid-e-azam's teachings and Today's world