Does your Lipstick Brand contain Lead? STOP using it. Here’s Why.

06:21 PM | 6 Apr, 2017
Does your Lipstick Brand contain Lead? STOP using it. Here’s Why.
A few weeks ago I found myself using a new lipstick brand whose shade I fell in love with. The lipstick was smooth AND from the matte range, which impressed me thoroughly. I distinguished a few weeks later that my lips were turning darker.


As soon as I ceded to apply it, my lips began to regain their original color. Upon doing a mini-test I found out that it was lead that had caused the external physical worn-out and upon further reading thanked that this was the only kind of damage I had procured.

Lead is a neuro-toxin. Neurons are present in your brain and spinal cord. This means that the neurotoxin directly affects your brain.

Major lipstick brands local and international are mixing lead in their makeup products.

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The presence of lead has been found in renowned brands like Maybelline, MAC, Loreal, CoverGirl, Christian Dior, Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Chanel. Talk about brand responsibility huh?

While lead in small quantities has been seen to not have deleterious effects, repeated application, ingestion and exposure for long periods of time to the chemical can cause a variety of issues from behavioral problems to memory issues, seizures and learning disabilities.

One should be wary of matte lipsticks and ones that promise to stay on for “long” durations. The lipsticks that are hardest to remove are talking trouble.

When you go out to purchase makeup you can take a simple chemical test to ensure the products you are buying are not harmful for you.

Here is a way to check if your lipstick brand has lead or not:

Step #1 Put a line of lipstick on your hand

Step #2 Rub on that line with any gold item. It can be a ring or a bracelet or a big earring, but the accessory must be pure gold.

Step#3  Observe if your lipstick hue changes to black. If it does, you should know it has lead.

While the use of such products cannot totally be aborted, their used can be subsided. It is also important to note that removal of any makeup products before going to bed is essential.

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