Ramadan 2021 – Ultimate comfort foods that save time and effort

04:01 PM | 6 Apr, 2021
Ramadan 2021 – Ultimate comfort foods that save time and effort

With Ramadan near the corner, Pakistanis have begun to make the preparations with zeal and zest. The holy month comes with its bitter sweetness since everyone is stressing about food and managing time. Here is a list of some snacks that are super easy to cook and are loved by everyone.


Iftars are incomplete without Samosas since the triangular delicacy is the ultimate food in Ramadan. With its crispy appeal and mouthwatering taste, it is the true winner as it is quick to make. 


The wonder of Ramadan Pakora is a mandatory dish while Iftar. Ranging from chicken pakora, Aloo pakora, Moong Dal Pakora.Spinach Pakora and Speech Pakora are the most loved during the fast season.


Cutlets are a rather uncommon snack in Pakistan but in Ramdan it is welcomed with open arms as the flavours inculcated within the delicious snack are loved by everyone. Moreover, they make a delicious snack for Iftar.

Fruit Chaat

Fruit chaat is an all-rounder snack since it's healthy and easy to make. Cut your favourite fruits and mix them together with some orange juice or whipped cream and the fruit salad is ready to be served. Apart from a scrumptious healthy meal, the dish can be made in minutes, saving time.

Aloo Vada

Aloo Vada is a tasty spicy snack that is more towards the desi and deep fried cuisine. Served at Iftar time with ketchup and powdered spice, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Dahi Bara

With its ultimate cooling effect, Dahi Bara is a surplus mix of spices, herbs and curd. Loved by the masses, a bowl of Dahi Bara is always present on the Iftar table owing to its delicious taste. With a sweet and sour taste, it is served with tamarind chutney.

Kala Chana

Black chana with lemon juice and coriander and onion is the ultimate comfort food. The following dish can be eaten with chapati or flatbread or could b enjoyed like a soup.

Chana Chaat

With the perfect hint of spice and sweetness, Chana chaat is a seamless blend of chana, counter vegetables and spices. It is also quite common in Iftar meals.

Chicken Kabab Roll

An appetizer to the core, Chicken Kabab Roll is a strategic take on Kabab and flatbread combines with different sauces that give it a unique taste. 

Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani takes the throne of being the most loved in Pakistan. The best main course to serve at iftar since everyone loves Biriyani. Being the quintessential celebratory dish of Pakistan, it gives the perfect vibes.