Armeena Khan slams 'amateurism' in hate reviews

03:36 PM | 6 Dec, 2017
Armeena Khan slams 'amateurism' in hate reviews
LAHORE - In response to a raging hate review done on Armeena Rana Khan's style statement (once again), the actor took to her Twitter to speak out on the issue.

The statement that initiated the response pertained to a silk gown by 'Chouetier' that Armeena had worn to the Inaugural Ball for ‘Football for Peace’ in late November. The review reads: "The proportions look way off and the colour is hideous, however, we could have ignored all of that had the fabric not looked so cheap. Sorry honey, but you are standing there in a terrible outfit."

In reply, Armeena tweeted: "I’m so done with political correctness. This is a hand made gown by an international couturier going since the 1950’s. This an expensive SILK gown, the material was luscious. Sorry “honey” pls stick to your day job if you have one! you know nothing about fashion."

Armeena also responded to a piece done by a local newspaper tagged as "Armeena Rana Khan slams hate reviews once again".

Armeena clarified that while being open to constructive criticism, amateurism/ uninformed journalism is not appreciated.

"Hey guys, this is not a reaction to hate reviews but a response to the emerging blogging culture in Pak which is masquerading as informed journalism, misleading people with already limited information sources. Constructive criticism is invaluable. Amateurism is not," said Armeena in her tweet.