Here's what happened when Hassan Minhaj tried to convert Justin Trudeau to Islam

02:09 PM | 6 Sep, 2019
Here's what happened when Hassan Minhaj tried to convert Justin Trudeau to Islam
Hassan Minhaj, the popular American comedian, political commentator, actor, and television host recently interviewed the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who spoke about his beliefs with regard to equal rights for all religious minorities.

As seen in the interview, Minhaj questioned the PM about the secularism Bill introduced in the Canadian province of Quebec, where civil servants like judges, police officers, lecturers, and other authoritative figures are not allowed to wear religious symbols such as the turban, or hijab at work.

In response to the question, Trudeau discorded with the secularism being imposed on people. He claimed that all of us live in a free society where every individual has the right to his faith. He went further and said, “In a free society you cannot legitimize discrimination against someone based on their religion.”

Here Minhaj asked another question that if the PM is accepting all religions and faiths to which Trudeau replied that a country must be defending its minorities, accepting Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

On hearing the word Islam, the host tactically mentioned, “Do you accept Islam as one faith and that Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the last and final Messenger?” Grinning at the question Trudeau replied that he’s a proud catholic but have a great respects all other religions.

The interview, however, ended with Minhaj’s whisper saying, “Guys, I tried.”

Have a look at the short video from Hassan Minhaj’s Netflix show named ‘Patriotic Act.:

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