Rape convict ordered to pay 'compensation' to victim

02:45 PM | 7 Aug, 2015
Rape convict ordered to pay 'compensation' to victim
LAHORE (Staff Report) – Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday ordered a rape convict to pay a compensation of rupees 0.1 million to victim woman and another two millions to the girl born as a result of rape.

Justice Anwar-ul-Haq, while dismissing the appeal filed by culprit, ruled that government should also take steps towards the economic rehabilitation of raped women. He further added the women who meet tragedies like rape have to suffer their whole lives and it must be compensated.

The court instructed the convicted to submit bonds worth rupees 2 million in the name of his baby girl.

The judge also cited a number of cases in his 12-page verdict where victim women were compensated monetarily.

Nadeem, the convicted rapist, had filed a review petition at LHC after he was awarded punishment by a lower court judge in Sargodha.