Light showers across Punjab revive mild cold wave

10:54 AM | 7 Mar, 2017
Light showers across Punjab revive mild cold wave
LAHORE - Light rainfall in scattered parts across Punjab turned the weather a bit cold once again on Tuesday morning.

Rainfall in Lahore, Sahiwal, Okara, Jhelum, Kasur, Muridke, Kot Momin, Toba Tek Singh and other cities of the province reprieved the people.

Temperature in Lahore dropped to 19°C after the rain and Lahori's who are famous for their unconditional love for food headed to eateries to enjoy traditional cuisines.

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On the other hand, Pakistan Metrological department has predicted that another westerly wave (weather system) was likely to enter Pakistan during the next 24 hours which would persist till Saturday.

Temperature in different cities of Punjab are as follows:

Sahiwal 21°C

Okara 21°C

Jehlum 18°C

Kasur 19°C