First trailer of Jemima Khan's What's Love Got To Do With It? leaves fans amazed

The rom-com project staring Sajal Ali is set to release on January 27

11:51 PM | 7 Sep, 2022
First trailer of Jemima Khan's What's Love Got To Do With It? leaves fans amazed
Source: Screengrab/ WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? trailer

The trailer of the British rom-com What’s Love Got To Do With It has left fans amazed as its story revolves around a Pakistani bride, a UK-based Pakistani doctor, and his white neighbour.

The wife of former Pakistani premier Imran Khan and British filmmaker Jemima Goldsmith shared the trailer as the film is set to hit screens on January 27.

The two-and-a-half-minute trailer was captioned, Is it better to walk into love, than fall into it?

Shekhar Kapoor directed the cross-cultural romantic movie which was written by Jemima Goldsmith. It features British actors Liliy James, Shahzad Latif, and Emma Thompson in the lead roles besides Sajal Ali and noted Indian actor Shabana Azmi.

The trailer, which many find promising, starts with Kazim (Shahzad Latif) and Zoe’s casual interaction. Kazim plays a physician from a typical Pakistani family while Zoe is his British neighbour and filmmaker.

Zoe turned curious due to two cultural differences as Kazim tells her that he is having an arranged marriage. The inquisitive neighbor then planned to shoot a film on the process while covering the whole idea which will surely amaze fans.

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